Grease Lock

Grease Lock


Grease Lock is a patented disposable grease filter, available in standard industry sizes and are designed to capture up to 98% of the grease emissions in the vent hood that are being produced during commercial kitchen cooking programs.

Benefits of disposable grease filters include increased fire safety & reduced maintenance associated with grease build-up in hood plenums, duct work, fan assemblies, rooftops and adjacent surfaces. The Grease Lock filter is constructed of all natural and sustainable material, while designed to blend in with your exhaust hood(s) natural stainless color.

Is Grease Lock Right For You?

  • Are you currently paying for maintenance on a roof top protection system?
  • Do you often get airborne grease that accumulates on the roof top between services?
  • Due to volume are you required to have your system serviced more than twice a year?
  • Are you currently having your staff clean filters between Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Services?
  • Are you currently dealing with grease build up in A/C coils on your roof top due to exposure to the kitchen exhaust fan on the roof top?


Grease Lock Filters are UL and ETL Listed under UL file number R38449 and 3177581SAT-001 respectively, and complies with Standard UL1046 and ULC-S649, NSF Standard #2, NFPA 96 and IMC and ICC.

Grease Lock is the most effective disposable grease filter in Commercial Kitchen Ventilation. Please call us today to have one of our Account Managers work up an ROI for your facility to help you better understand the initial investment and the time in which you would recover that investment.