Key Access

Kitchen Exhaust Key Access Program means you don’t have to wait around

At Hood Boss we value your time and try to streamline the scheduling and service process as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of our Key Access Program. Below are a few benefits of taking advantage of the program.

Coordinating Service with Your Staff

One of the biggest obstacles in getting your service completed is coordinating service with your staff, and who can blame them. After working hard all day the last thing they want to do is to hang around and wait for the hoods to be cleaned. Often, they even pressure the technicians to speed up the process so that they can get out of there quickly, or even reject the service when the tech arrives. This is a service that you don’t want to rush, there is just too much at risk that you’ve worked hard to build. When taking advantage of the Key Access Program the only information we need when scheduling is confirmation that the key has not been changed since the last service, what time your staff finishes up, and what time they get started the following morning.

Multiple Attempts to Service Your Facility

Often, if your restaurant closes later in the evening service technicians are coming from another job that can possibly run late. When this happens, your employees can’t be expected to wait around on the technicians to arrive for service, and from time to time there are things that happen during service that require extra time by our service techs to ensure that we leave the facility better than the condition we found it. If the Key Program is taken advantage of this decreases the chance of having to reschedule service.

Peace of Mind

To ensure the security of your facility, Hood Boss performs background checks on all employees, has a system in place to protect the identity of your key, and a key log program in place with our technicians. As a company we also carry 2 million dollars of coverage per incident to give you peace of mind.