At Hood Boss we understand the revolving door that makes up the work force in the restaurant industry. With turnover in a facility comes lack of knowledge regarding how to use equipment. We came across this article that goes over step by step how to light pilot lights on different types of appliances.We wanted to share it with you to help provide resources to educate your staff. Hood Boss is always available to set up a time to provide an on site demonstration as well. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

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Jeff Ralston

Jeff started his journey into the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning as a crew leader and quality assurance manager for The Disney World Contract, one of the largest kitchen exhaust cleaning contracts in the industry. Jeff, utilizing his knowledge and expertise, joined the sales side of the process, and for the last eight years he has been helping customers build smart, safe and reliable Grease Management Programs. Jeff’s diverse knowledge of the industry has allowed him to develop specialized products that aid in helping prevent damage to rooftops during the cleaning process.