Hood Boss Company Beliefs

• We believe that Customer Service is our top priority.
• We believe in not only cleaning your exhaust system to bare metal but leaving the area in which we perform our work cleaner than when we arrived.
• We believe in providing top notch service and maintenance to ensure a safe environment for your employees and patrons.

How We Accomplish Our Beliefs

• We show up on time.
• We provide innovative reporting and documentation of each cleaning. Our pictures aren’t just pictures. We provide a detailed picture report that you can easily decipher what you are looking at and walk through with your account manager, if questions come up about the service.
• We help you comply with industry standards.
• We offer confirmation calls the day of service.
• We offer detailed follow up calls the day after service.
• All of our employees share the same fundamental beliefs in exceeding customer expectation and providing high quality customer service.
• We have high expectations of our technicians to provide the highest level of service to all of our customers.