I  ran across this great article in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business regarding the “consequences of not using trained and certified KEC technicians.” Restaurant owners always have the bottom line in mind when it comes to daily operations. Preventative maintenance and inspections are usually the first thing to get cut when money gets tight. This article puts into perspective the importance of not skimping on the areas that are ultimately in place to protect your investment.

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Eric Kimberling

Eric brings a unique perspective to Hood Boss as General Manager. He studied hotel management and administration at Oklahoma State University, and he has thirteen years of restaurant management experience. His background and experience of running restaurant operations and interacting with vendors gives him the opportunity to integrate his expertise and knowledge into the kitchen exhaust cleaning business. The collaboration ensures that customers' specific needs and expectations are met to the highest of standards. Eric's background has provided a framework that keeps in-step with our belief that customer service is the top priority of Hood Boss.