Beginning in July of 2019, Hood Boss will proudly be incorporating the TEGRAS cleaning system into our ever-advancing arsenal of technology in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry. The TEGRAS system uses a combination of an active foam generator with a pneumatic duct cleaning brush to significantly improve the efficiency of cleaning horizontal duct work. As an added measure of quality assurance, the brush utilizes robotic video equipment to capture video verification of the cleanliness of the duct system.

Video Highlights

(1:35) Video Duct Inspection
(3:29) Round Duct Cleaning
(3:52) Foam injection
(5:09) Rinse and drain
(7:48) Square duct cleaning

The Danger

Many properties we service have large amounts of horizontal duct work.  These systems are more common in larger commercial kitchen operation such as hotels, hospitals, universities, and corporate buildings.  One of the challenges of maintaining these systems is often the amount of time needed to provide an adequate cleaning.  Limiting down time in commercial kitchens is essential, especially with many facilities operating 24 hours a day. However, this often time leads to neglect in maintaining critical areas of grease accumulation.  The longer these areas go unaddressed, the greater risk there is of fire in these systems.  Hood Boss sought out this technology as the solution to providing all parties with a solution.  Using the TEGRAS system cuts down significantly the manpower needed to adequately clean horizontal duct work.  It also eliminates the need to add numerous amounts of access panels in the horizontal duct work as required by code (we will be doing a follow up post on many misconceptions of access panels in horizontal grease ducts).  With the combination of significant technological upgrades and the reduction in manpower, a TEGRAS cleaned system can often stay within your already determined budget for kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Next Steps

If you feel that trying to balance budget, down time, safety, and guest satisfaction have led to the grease ducts being an afterthought, the first step is having Hood Boss do an inspection of your kitchen’s duct system.  A full inspection would be able to provide a rough drawing of your exhaust system (in lieu of actual blueprints), current access points in the system, areas of heavier build up within the system, and a comprehensive plan to clean the system out.

If you would like more information on how the TEGRAS system works or to schedule a complementary inspection, give Hood Boss a call at 972-704-1812.